Calculating your vehicle insurance

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Calculating a vehicle insurance – The basics

  • You can calculate your new car insurance quickly and accurately with Joonko – without having to provide loads of personal data.
  • Whether liability, partial or fully comprehensive insurance – Joonko shows the best rates of all insurance types suitable for you.
  • The use of our insurance calculator is free of charge and doesn´t require registering in advance.

Calculating a vehicle insurance and finding a suitable rate

Whether you need to insure your new car or switch your current insurance – you will be able to find the best policy for yourself with our extensive insurance calculator. We take your personal wishes into consideration with regard to the range of services covered. For this reason, we only show you insurances that fully meet your criteria. After answering a few questions Joonko will show the best offers for you.

What do I need the calculator for?

With our insurance calculator we help you find your way through all the offers by different insurers: Which policy fits your car and your driving behaviour? Which services should be included so that you are properly covered? How much does this cost?

With Joonko you can simply and quickly have your ideal car insurance calculated as well as close a deal.

When do I need to calculate my new car insurance?

Depending on whether you are planning to change your current or take out a brand new vehicle insurance – the most important deadlines are as follows:

  • Switching car insurance: The deadline for changing your current insurance is November 30. Insurance contracts normally expire annually on December 31 and you can cancel them a month prior.
  • New car insurance: Closing a new policy is possible in the already running insurance year as well. It is thereby ensured that you can insure and subsequently register a newly purchased vehicle anytime.

Make sure to check the new policie’s price composition before cancelling your current contract.

How does the insurance calculator work?

You only need a few minutes to estimate your new vehicle insurance with our free calculator. Please see below how to use it and everything else you may need for its application.

Required data

Our main goal is to make your search for the most suitable policy as simple, understandable and fair as possible. Therefore, you may leave your big pile of paperwork in the drawer when using our platform – with the help of the following data we can already show results specifically tailored for you:

Instructions for the insurance calculator

After providing general data, you will be asked a few selected questions. These relate to your wishes regarding car insurance. They are mostly about individual services, which should be included in your policy. Such questions do not require any specific knowledge or data, you may answer them solely based on instinct and feelings.

When you have filled in everything, our platform will display the best policies for you – beginning with the one that meets your requirements the most.

Calculating a car insurance:
Which factors affect the premium?

To be able to assess risks and estimate the future premium, insurers evaluate your car and you as the owner or the driver of the car. Different factors play a role in this. Please see some of these below:

Features Factor
Features of the vehicle Age
Features of the insured person Age
Driving experience
Annual mileage
Traffic violation points (Flensburg points)
General factors Desired scope of coverage
Optional services

Find out more about further criteria necessary for estimating car insurances here.

Frequently asked questions about the insurance calculator

How is the premium evaluated by the insurance calculator?

The results of the calculator are based on the provided data of you, your car and your desired scope of coverage. We ask 3 to 4 additional individual questions. The answers to these also influence which rates you see displayed.

How can I save money with vehicle insurance?

There are a lot of different factors that determine the amount of your insurance premium. As the owner of a car you may influence the following criteria:

  • Garage
  • Excess
  • Parking place

Do you have any other questions? Please find the answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQ.