Whether on a lonely country road towards vacation or in the rush hour traffic of the city: listening to music is almost an inseparable part of driving for many people. It is not unusual for the car to become a karaoke booth, where we loudly sing along to our favorite songs. Since studies have shown that listening to music and singing makes us happy and reduces stress levels, this is probably not a bad effect – especially when driving in the rush hour traffic chaos or being stuck in a traffic jam.

We wanted to know exactly how german drivers actually feel about this and so, conducted a survey to find out who the singing superstars on Germany’s roads are and on which medium german drivers prefer to listen to music.
One thing is certain: While driving a car, more than 97% of all respondents listen to music, and among those under 30 years of age, over 99% do so.

singen im Auto

Which medium is used most for listening to music?

The true classic among the media in the car is, without question, the radio. But can it continue to maintain its top spot alongside CD, the mobile phone and streaming services?

While not even one in ten respondents still uses CDs in their car, the majority of car drivers (69%) listens to music on the radio. Even the own smartphone or streaming services are only used by 10 percent for playing music while driving. The situation is different for the under-30s, among which modern technologies and streaming apps are much more popular. Every fourth person already uses a streaming service for musical entertainment when driving. In this age group, less than half the drivers use the car radio or a CD (46%), while the majority plays its favourite music from their smartphone, streaming service or from a memory card. Among the over 30-year-olds, however, more than 85% still prefer to use the radio or play a CD while driving rather than using their mobile phone or even a streaming service.

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In the car we are all superstars

The data show more than clearly: The desire to sing while driving decreases significantly with increasing age. While 39% of the 18 to 29-year-olds say they “always” sing along, only 4% of the 60 to 69-year-olds do so. On average, 18 % sing along to the music every time they drive. Most car drivers – a full 68 % – are occasional singers. And who are the biggest sing-along sourpusses among the Germans? Definitely the more experienced drivers: While only 6 % of those under 30 years of age “never” sing along, 22 % of those over 50 years of age join in singing.

The survey also revealed that women are much more likely than men to reveal their singing skills when in the driver’s seat. While only one in ten men (10 %) sing along when driving, more than a quarter of all surveyed women (26 %) do so. Similarly, men (22%) are three times more likely than women (6%) to never sing in their car.

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